Our team believes in earning your trust!

The Team:

The team at Samssara ( Developers of AlgoFront ) consists of seasoned professional with combined experience of more than 40 years in the areas of quantitative finance. The team has professionals with educational background from India’s premier institutes like IITs and IIMs.

Technology Edge:

The mantra at Samssara is to ease wealth management through technology. We believe that technology and technology alone is a medium to simplify, reduce the cost and optimize the entire wealth management process. The team at Samssara works at some leading technology in the areas of Algo trading and wealth management.

Zero upfront cost:

We at Samssara believe in getting paid only when client makes money. Hence, we don’t take any upfront fees from the client and charge the client only on the performance of our Algo products. This way the initial set up fees, computers/server fees, maintenance cost of the Algo system is completely free of cost to the client. The client only pays to Samssara bi-annually on the performance of the AlgoFront software product on a pre-determined terms and conditions.

Zero Competition :

No other Algo system/software in the Indian market comes with Zero upfront cost. This speaks a volume about our confidence in our product and its performance.

100% systematic and automated:

The AlgoFront software are taken by the client and customized to the clients requirement. They are 100% systematic, disciplined and automated in nature with no manual interventions.